Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cab Sluts or Bust

It's been a hot sec, I've been off in Malaysia curing Hepatitis C, and by curing, I mean spreading it at a rapid rate.

But nonetheless, I came across quite the interesting website this AM while sippin the morning pick me up. It's almost Friday, the weekend is in grasp, so close to the fin de semana I can taste it's glorious sweet offerings associated with a sacraficial nochismo. More than likely, I will end up pre-gaming with a bunch of dudes, that invite over 2 girls, absolutely fucking the ratio for rollin up to the clizub.

"I'm on the list"
"We don't have a list for 8 dudes and 2 girls unless you buy 8 bottles"

Sound like you? Well if it doesn't you're Lebron, Hova, or my shut in roommate who plays poker all night on the couch puffing herb.

As my boss says, "Moses, don't come in here with a problem and no answer, come in with a couple solution"

In this case, you have 2, but 8 bottles and heckle women that probably won't come to your table, or log on to this new little diddy called What in tarnations is Let me put it to you this way...

It's Fri night, you're at your boys apt sluggin and shotgunning, more than likely chanting "Frat Frat Frat" despite the fact that you have been out of college for 4+ years now, and the closest encounter you have with an 18 year old is sitting next to one on the bus. You're getting ready to go out, and you look around thinking, "Shit, the ratio is all fucked up again, and it's either going to take a lot of hassling, or some serious cake to get in the door"

Have no fear, log on to, and they will partner you with some cabbie hoes looking to go out. Yes! It is true! You don't have to do any work! You hit this site, get "cab fixed up" with some cabbie slooties looking for a spot to hit and some D to get on. If they're ugly, there's only 4,000 other cabs in NYC.

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  1. We live in a christian society which unfortunately scorns upon premarital sex. Its worse for women because if they do happen to get pregnant, they might have to get an abortion, which is a sin right?



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